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Alkyd Resin

The alkyd resins belong to the family of thermosetting polyesters, organic macromolecules obtained through the reaction between an acid or an anhydride, an alcohol and a fatty acid or an oil. The oil content of the final product can be extremely variable (from 30 to more than 70% of the total volume of the resin) and it greatly influences the physico-chemical properties. The polymer structure of the alkyd resins makes them particularly suitable to be used as a basis for enamels and paints with different specific characteristics. The molecules of the structure, in particular, create strong structural interactions involving the formation of films able to cover any type of surface by protecting against aging, weather and wear. Historically, the paints based on alkyd resins have been among the first to be used in the field of the construction industry and, still today, they represent a preferred choice for the treatment of various materials, both for exterior and interior.(CAS: 63148-69-6) HS Code:390750
Solubilisers and Emulsifiers
Water Reducible Alkyd Resin
Product Name Packaging Description TDS
TORKYD AQ 41 BG 75 200 Kg

• Low carbon foot print, more safety and environmentalist • LVOC even after tinting • Excellent heat stability and high yellowing resistance • Very good hardness • Very fast air drying with suitable driers (19-25 min. soft to touch; 2,5 - 3,5 hours completely dry / 25 ºC and 55% RH) • Excellent hydrolytic stability • Good weathering and gloss retention.

TORKYD AQ 12 BG 41 200 Kg

• For water based varnish, filler, primer and topcoat paints • Very fast air drying and good adhesion • Good compatibility to pure acrylics • High gloss and yellowing resistance • Suitable for LVOC systems.

TORKYD AQ 33 BG 45 200 Kg

• Suitable for can & coil coating systems etc. • Excellent adhesion and good water resistance • Very good flexibility and termal resistance max 200ºC.

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