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Epoxy Resins

It is an adhesive chemical resin from epoxy thermosets group. Its resistance to water is very good, it does not lose its resistance feature over time. The epoxy adhesive filled in the crack transforms the environment of discontinuity created by the crack into a continuous state, continuously connects both sides of the crack through the crack and prevents stress accumulation. Epoxies, which are generally two-component, change from liquid state to solid after a certain period like other thermosets and reach the final hardness by maturing within a week or two. The combination of glass or carbon fiber and epoxy has excellent mechanical strength. Therefore, it is widely used in aerospace and aviation technologies. Epoxy is a widely used material in the construction field. It is used for filling cracks suitable for the repair order and for placing reinforcements that will be added later in the concrete. Tensile strengths are very high for reinforcements reinforced in reinforced concrete. Epoxy is also a surface coating product. It is also used as a paint or primer. (CAS Number: 90598-46-2.) HS Code : 390730
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Solvent Born Epoxy Resins
Product Name Packaging Description TDS
TORPOX 101 X 75 220 Kg

• The product is the modified epoxy resin with excellent corrosion and UV resistance • The resin has excellent flexibility, good adhesion • It provides glossy smooth coating film with proper hardness and remarkable resistance against water and chemical materials.

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