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Tor Kimya is your innovative solution partner in solving difficulties.

We provide consultancy services to our customers in the process of collecting, separating, recovering or disposing of waste (mud, garbage, scrap, paper, plastic waste oil, barrel etc.) by taking the necessary precautions to stop environmental damage due to environmental pollution and damage caused by waste.
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Biological Treatment

Deciding on the establishment of a biological treatment plant requires serious work. During the establishment of biological treatment facilities for a particular use, it is very important to know the source, content, evacuation requirements, and the factors affecting the quality and quantity of wastewater. “Tor Kimya establishes turnkey wastewater treatment plants according to each population capacity from small settlements to big cities.

Industrial Treatment

The bases of our products and systems are based on the use of the highest available technologies to treat a wide variety of wastes and the work of our R&D department. Tor Kimya offers leading industry technologies, services such as extensive network and technical support team, so that you can solve your treatment problems according to your budget. Industry and waste are an integral whole. Wherever the industry exists, wastes emerge as the facts of life.

Package Treatment

Tor Kimya manufactures highly efficient, standard compact units designed for various wastewater treatment applications. PETEK is a biological type package treatment unit that provides the treatment of organic contaminated industrial wastes or waste water from domestic use. PETEK can serve 50-10,000 inhabitants. It is a suitable solution for hotels, summer sites, military units, villages, factories and similar settlements. General features are low space requirement, easy operation and minimum maintenance requirement, silent and problem-free operation. PETEK biological treatment plants can be manufactured from sheet steel, galvanized or stainless steel or concrete.

Wastewater Treatment System

It is a technological biological wastewater treatment system that uses immersion membranes and is ready to be installed. The process includes second, third and advanced treatment technologies in a single container. The membrane separation process allows the conventional settling tank to be removed from the system and to remove a higher volumetric load in a very small space. MBR-A ™ provides very good quality effluent with high 98% BOI removal, full nitrification and proportional denitrification. It provides remarkable AKM removal. The turbidity values ​​of treated wastewater are low.

Fuel Derived from Waste

The wastes accepted by the waste reception unit are safely taken into the factory site by the shift manager working under the field management manager (under management, management). The vehicles, which have been discharged, are re-entered to the scale with the guidance of the shift officer and leave the factory area with the signed documents, the incoming wastes are stocked and labeled in separate areas according to the packaging types.

Waste Transport

Our company waste management sector in Turkey’s young, dynamic and rules to fit with the capacity of the fleet of chauffeur highest licensed vehicles, the transport area is one of the most important unit of waste management is also ambitious. Thanks to the diversity of our vehicle fleet and different types of enclosures, we meet the demands of our customers according to their wastes and ensure that the wastes are safely transported to our facility. With our cashier rental service, we prevent the visual pollution of our companies in waste fields and ensure that the loading process is made easier and in a shorter time.


Samples of hazardous wastes taken before being accepted into the facility; By looking at the moisture content, heavy metal concentrations, flash point and calorific values, it is investigated whether it is the same as the declaration analysis. If the result is the same, hazardous wastes are taken to the areas separated by their qualities.


Anywhere in Turkey studied all consulting services to companies in the waste management issues with our experts. waste; It provides service support to waste producers in terms of definition, classification, packaging, temporary storage within the facility, features of storage areas, recycling and recycling of waste.

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