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Mineral Oil

Mineral oils are obtained by mixing various additives selected according to the properties expected from the product to base oils with different viscosities. The base oil is refined from the crude oil (the natural state of the oil when it is extracted from the soil).
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Mineral Oil
Product Name Packaging Description TDS
Mobil Car Engine Oils 209-7-5-4 lt

•Engine oil is produced for motor vehicles and prevents the abrasion of the friction surfaces by forming a slippery oil layer between the parts of the engine that enable it to work in harmony with the vehicle. ... It is important to change the engine oil and filter periodically.

Motorcycle oils 1 lt

•It minimizes friction. Creates an oil film between parts working in contact with each other, minimizing wear and temperature due to friction.

Marine engine oils 1 lt

•Thanks to the anti-wear additives it contains, it provides effective protection and very good engine cleaning in bearings operating under heavy load.

Commercial vehicle and heavy service diesel engine oils 209-20-16-5-4-1 lt

•Helps to reduce acids, piston deposits, oil sump sludge and wear generated by combustion in the engine, keeping engines clean and protected.

Automotive thread oils 209-20-16-4-1 lt

•Gear oil helps protect them by reducing friction and diverting heat away from moving parts.

Industrial hydraulic oils 209-20-16 lt / 16-15 kg

•Hydraulic oils are liquids that are produced and developed for power transmission systems and have features added with additives according to their structures. presses, heavy machinery, robots and plastic injection molding machines. In raw material industries; mining industry, bridge control mechanisms and dams. In moving equipment; excavators, cranes, construction equipment, long ol transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, planes and ships. In special applications; used in industries such as satellite equipment and radio antennas, process control, mechanical lift, flight simulators and test equipment.

Cooling compressor oils 20 lt

•It provides lubrication and cooling of screw, vane and reciprocating air compressors used in all kinds of industrial, commercial and private cooling systems.

Skid oils 209-20 lt/ 15 Kg

•It provides the lubrication of the slides and tables of machine tools working under heavy load.

Air compressor oils 209-20 lt

•Compressor oils ensure that the moving parts of the compressor are lubricated and cooled when necessary.

Industrial gear oil 209-20 lt

•Provides maximum energy efficiency and high wear protection for industrial gears under extreme load and critical temperature conditions, providing excellent performance even in applications under (- ° C) degree conditions.

Circulation and roller oils 209-20 lt

•Provides energy efficiency and long service life with outstanding lubrication performance under harsh operating conditions.

Transformer oils 209 lt

•It provides high thermal stability with excellent electrical insulation properties. It is generally used in power and distribution transformers to prevent corona and spark and for cooling.

Process oils 209 lt

•They are special oils that are used as a raw material component in various chemical and technology industries or as an auxiliary in processes.

Turbine and gas engine oils 209 lt

•It provides optimum value for users such as energy generating companies and process plant operators through better protection against wear, long oil life and high system efficiency.

Heat transfer oils 209 lt

Provides the transfer of heat prepared for use in closed heat transfer systems with an operating temperature of up to 325 ° C.

Textile oils 209 lt

•They are needle oils developed for use in the textile industry and are washable.

Pneumatic tools oil 209-20 lt

•They are products formulated to work in the harshest conditions in drills and other pneumatic tools with impact loads.

Vacuum pump oil 209 lt

•Provides efficient lubrication in vacuum pumps thanks to its low evaporation pressure and high performance.

Greases 180-50-18-15-5-1-0,80-0,50-0,40-0,38 kg

•Enhanced protection against wear allows you to optimize the efficiency and operating costs of the system with long life.

Open gear greases and oils 180-18 kg

•They are high performance, wear resistant oils specially developed for gearboxes.

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