Acrylic Resins

Acrylic resins are a chemical substance that contains a functional group (amide, carboxyl, hydroxyl, epoxy groups, etc.) or polymerized with the help of free radicals through the ethylene double bond of acrylic and methacrylic acid esters. Acrylic and methacrylic acid esters can generally be represented by the formula CH2 = CHRX. In the formula, R may be a hydrogen atom or methyl group, while X may be an aromatic ring, carboxyl, ester, hydroxyl epoxy or amide. Acrylic resins also polymerize through ethylene double bonds on their monomers.
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Thermosetting Acrylic Resins
Product Name Packaging Description TDS
TORCRYL A 160 SN 200 Kg

• Acrylic resin for PU systems with excellent hardness. • High gloss; good light - fastness, chalking resistance and chemical resistance.

TORCRYL 67 X 70 200 Kg

• Hydroxy acrylate resin for 2-K systems with higher solid content and good weather resistance, good drying properties, high gloss.

TORCRYL 69 X 51 200 Kg

• Two component acrylic resin for outdoor conditions • High performance on metal and wooden surfaces • Very good weathering properties and flexible film forming.

TORCRYL 41 X 55 200 Kg

• Two component acrylic resin for general using areas especially economic usage is the point in question • It is containing OH groups for requiring low polyisocyanates to achieve high performance in acrylic resin.

TORCRYL 67 XB 57 200 Kg

• Hydroxy acrylate resin for 2C systems with the production of medium solid car repair lacquers, good flow, fast surface and through drying, high gloss, weather resistance.

TORCRYL 65 XB 58 200 Kg

• Hydroxy acrylate resin for fast drying PU lacquers, good UV and chalking resistance; high gloss, application by brush or spray; qualified for heavy corrosion protection.